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Public Safety Resilience Training Course

Tools for Turning Wounds Into Scars with Character and Growth

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Service Description

What is the “The Public Safety Resilience Training Program”? “A fully vetted and scientifically proven 24 hour resilience training program that holds its roots with the United States Armed Forces and has been comprehensively put into an easy to teach, facilitate and understand format that will dramatically and positively enhance any public safety departments culture while also providing the individual members of those departments with valuable, tangible, mental, physical and social communication tools to effectively assist in coping with the internal and external stressors that come with the profession they have courageously entered into. These resilience tools are specifically designed to allow an individual the opportunity to withstand the pressures of the job as they occur day to day; recover from the fallout caused by those stressors; and above all the ability to learn, grow and triumph over those events and situations. This resilience platform is unique and groundbreaking as it completes the full circle of training for our public safety professionals, giving them the necessary tools to overcome the mental, physical, and social wounds that inherently plagued the profession. This training is a proven method for positive cultural changes in any department and can easily advance the public’s perception of public safety professionals back to and far beyond any former standard in history.” Buddy Johnson, National Master Resilience Instructor

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Cancellation Policy

All payments made prior to the 30 day cut off will be refunded upon confirmation of cancellation. Cancellations must be in writing from the requestor and must be received prior to 30 days of the expected arrival date of the instructor(s) in order to avoid forfeiture of the deposited amount. Deposits are non refundable if cancellations occur within 30 days of the scheduled arrival date of the instructor(s) to the event. All costs paid prior to cancellation above the deposit amount will be refunded if cancelled before the scheduled arrival of the instructor(s). If the instructor arrives at the scheduled time or after, no moneys will be refunded.

Contact Details

  • 997 Twilight Church Rd, Colquitt, GA 39837, USA

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